Annual Reports.
But fun.

We’ve built this mini-site to show off what a Digital Annual Report can do.

Look, we get it. Annual Reports don’t usually scream “exciting and innovative”. But they can be so much more than a necessary evil. They can be a pleasure to read. They can drive new leads your way and delight your donors and shareholders. And they can be fully, immersively digital.

That’s what we’ve done with our Digital Annual Reports. They’re fun. They’re informative. And they’re sustainable.

Let’s make something magical together.

...we love making them, and we’re proud to say our clients love them too…”

Angela Harbinson, Thirst Creative Managing Director

...has enhanced stakeholder engagement and enabled us to more effectively communicate our purpose…”

Anna Elliston, Communications Officer - EDVOS

...much more engaging and interesting to read, we received a lot of positive feedback on the impact…"

Rochelle Santiago, Marketing & Communications Manager, Carers ACT

Why go digital?

Dynamic Content

A foreword from the Chair. One from the CEO. Headline financial results. More information about other projects and business units. Some client testimonials and staff case studies. 

That’s what the average Annual Report reads like. Yawn.

But what if you could add animations or video? What if you could link to your exciting new product or campaign landing page? What if you could actually create an Annual Report which was a real asset for your organisation, all while being fun to read?

It’s not impossible. Far from it. The solution is right here.

Data Visualisation

Operating profits. Customer acquisition. Manufacturing volume. New subscribers. Data is the lifeblood of every organisation. So why trap it behind charts and graphs that look like they came straight from Excel?

Creative data visualisation lets readers go deeper into the numbers that define your organisation and tells them you're proud of what you achieved in the past year.

Bring your data to life with a Digital Annual Report.

Create Movement

What if we told you your Annual Report could be just as multifaceted as your organisation?

Digital Annual Reports are only constrained by your imagination. Illustrations can move as you scroll through the report. Embedded videos can pop out and play when you click on them. Static photos can become beautiful carousels. Fonts can be tailored to your preference. 

They can actually be fun. Crazy, we know. Just so crazy it might work.

Condensed longform content

Every word in your Annual Report matters. Which is why it’s such a shame that they’re often so hard to read. 

You can keep every single word while creating a clean, flowing layout. Easier to read, easier to absorb, easier to take action.

Read more. Go on, do it. +
Read less -

Digital Annual Reports tear down the wall of text and liberate your words.

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Boost Interactivity

You spend your days making sales, looking for clients, talking to donors and delivering for shareholders.

Interacting, in other words.

Your Annual Report could be doing the same. It could be easy to navigate. It could be user-friendly. It could be fully interactive – just like your organisation.

Boost mobile responsiveness

How often have you tried reading a PDF on your mobile? Frustrating, isn’t it?

We’re never far from our phones. And yet, Annual Reports almost never read well on mobile. We think they should. 

Digital Annual Reports solve the problem. They provide beautiful, responsive, native reading experiences that make you want to just keep scrolling (as if we needed an excuse).

We’re moving with the times. Your Annual Report should too.

Reap the rewards of a digital annual report

It’s easy to stick with what we know.

But not enough organisations consider the costs of putting out the same old tired Annual Report. Every single year, you could be leaving leads, donations and subscribers on the table.

Your Annual Report is the definitive story of your organisation. Make it work for you.



Save on print costs and help save the environment.


Deliver a report that’s accessible to all.


Just a click away. No paper required.


Easy to share and easy to love.

How it works


This is the part where you – yep, you – come in. We’ll sit down, understand your ideas, and go on a journey together. (Butcher’s paper and whiteboards may be included.)

1-2 weeks


Now that we have the ideas, it’s time for our designers to turn them into the blueprint that will become your Digital Annual Report.

1-2 weeks


The blueprints have been completed. It’s time to put on our hard hats, pour the foundations, and start building.

2-3 weeks


Every typo has been fixed and every link has been checked. Your Annual Report is ready. There’s no need for a trip to the printer. You just need to cut the ribbon.


Who we’ve helped

We think we’re pretty good at what we do. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are some other clients we’ve helped to go digital for their Annual Reports. Take a look around.

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